Veterans Campground on Big Marine Lake
 A year-round facility for Veterans, Families, and Sponsored Guests.


 Many camp projects are accomplished by the generous time and talents of volunteers.

We welcome all individuals and groups who want to volunteer at the camp.

Contact Camp Manager Ken Larson to make arrangements for you or your group/organization to volunteer: 651-433-2699.

Examples of volunteer efforts:

Clearing brush, picking up litter, painting cabins, signs, and fences, gardening, making picnic tables and benches, cleaning the beach area, mowing, helping with the renovation of a cabin, making hotpads for cabin kitchens, hanging pictures or curtains, raking leaves.

Deck for the Canteen                                                           Completed Canteen deck                                            


                                                                   Assembling new playground                                              One of two new playgrounds


                                                     Scouts build picnic tables and benches                                         Cleaning up the grounds and gardens

                                                     Organizations and businesses volunteer a day at the camp, such as Thomson Reuters, Cargill, US Bank, and Highway Federal Credit Union.

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